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Lesson 4 – The Va Jay Jay

Do you talk about vaginas?
When’s the last time you had a good conversation about a vagina?
When was the first time?
Not sex with a vagina, but the vagina herself (or him/them self…if the vagina you discussed has a gender)

Most people don’t…
Don’t talk about coochies, vaginas, pussies, honey pots…
So much taboo about coochies in general…

And if you go by tv and music entertainment, it’s easy to come to the (FALSE) conclusion that the vagina is a dirty organ that needs to be cleaned and disinfected.

This is why we’re here to break the Coochie Silence!

Today we will learn the following about the vagina
• how to maintain (how she does it herself and how to help her)
• what types of things affect and impact your coochie balance
• how your coochie is supposed to smell and BE
hint: your coochie is supposed to smell like a vagina! not petunias, amber rose petals, sea moss, lavender…or whatEVER…it’s a VAGINA!
• and a few more things!
you can do to know your coochie better, care for, nurture, tend to and keep your vagina in healthy balance

The vagina is actually a self cleaning machine. She just needs your help sometimes so she can do her thing.

You’ve Got to Get to KNOW your Vagina
• she talks to you. she lets you know what’s going on!
• know your normal coochie flow and that way you know when you’re off
• this is the best way to successfully nurture and care for your vagina

First, A quick va-jay-jay anatomy refresher
Feel free to go back to episode 8 where we discuss the coochie anatomy (tools of the trade) in detail
Remember, coochie is a general term that encompasses many organs within it

This episode is focusing on the vagina and the secretions which come from it

The vagina is the muscular tube …. the portal … that connects the external genitalia to the internal genitalia (from vulva to uterus)
The Vulva is all the prettiness you see on the outside, (clitoris, labia, etc)
The Uterus is just one of the internal organs that the vagina leads to

Let’s understand a few things about the vagina. It’s an ecosystem unto itself. A very sensitive ecosystem that likes to be in balance.

From the vagina comes the discharge a coochie experiences on a regular basis
Cardi B and Megan The Stallion recently broke the internet with a song about coochie juice, called Wet Ass Pussy

Not all discharge that comes from the coochie is infectious in nature
Vaginal discharge, from the standpoint of LUBRICATION, plays an important role in health and sexual pleasure

Wassup with that WAP!?!?
It is not normal for people to have WAP every single day throughout the day or month
Vaginal discharge is a combination of fluids from the cervix (neck of the uterus) and the vagina itself
Our vagina walls release aged lining cells, mucous lining, different bacteria, lactic acid, glycogen…
These are all things contained within vaginal discharge

Think about the menstrual cycle (which we discussed in episode 10 – where we broke down the coochie hormones)
during different times of the month our hormones/our bodies are doing different things that ultimately influence our vaginal lubrication
but there are also a host of other things that influence the coochie juice (diet, alcohol, water, exercise)
physical and mental health conditions also influence vaginal lubrication
medications (stress, depression, anxiety, etc)

So one major question you may have is: how to know if the discharge you’re experiencing is normal or not?
Vaginal discharge (or Coochie Juice) changes.
It changes during the month, due to normal hormonal fluctuations; it changes with your horniness levels;
It changes depending on whether or not you’re on birth control; breast feeding; pre-peri-post menopausal;
It changes if you’re experiencing stress in your life

Genitourinary infections are very prevalent, and are the most common reason people see a gynecologist.

A lot of these infections can be bacterial in nature (bacterial vaginosis) or fungal in nature (vulvovaginal candidiasis, or yeast).
These infections are a misnomer…because they’re actually more of an imbalance in the ecosystem.

imbalances in the vaginal canal can present as:
BV: overgrowth of normal vaginal bacteria, odor (fishy), sometimes itchy
new partner, soaps, detergent, saliva, semen, stress, alcohol, food,
more common in lesbian
pH imbalance, ACV sitz bath, probiotics, antibiotics

yeast infections: itching, discharge, cottage cheesy, redness, not always an odor
food intake, stress
imbalances in the urinary system can present as:
UTI – we will talk about separately…so as not to confuse it with vaginal things…
plenty of water, cranberry pills/juice, AZO pills, antibiotics

The types of bacteria in the ecosystem of the vaginal canal fluctuates based on a variety of factors
• including hormone levels, diet, sexual contact, douching, environment, emotions, alcohol,clothing, fragrances, tricky dickies!
• we’ll come back to this in a moment when we talk about tips on maintaining a healthy vaginal ecosystem

The basic composition of this ecosystem is Lactobacilli-dominant in healthy coochies. And it is the depletion of these healthy organisms (healthy flora) that can leave a coochie prone to urinary and vaginal infections. Key is to have enough healthy flora for the to coochie to maintain herself

A vagina should have a low pH…somewhere around 4.
one of the molecules that influences the maintenance of that pH is lactic acid

There are probiotic bacteria that can help in modulating the immune system and displacing pathogens that can cause these infections. A healthy vaginal canal should be colonized by Lactobacilli as the dominant bacterial species. Lactobacilli produce H2O2, which helps maintain a vaginal pH close to 4.0, which is essential for vaginal health. Maintenance of a vaginal pH around 4.0 decreases a woman’s risk of developing vaginosis.

all about the pH
• sensitive as hell
• will naturally get thrown off from time to time
• especially don’t let another person (esp no MAN) have you feeling some kind of way about your coochie…hunni what?!??!!?

Are antibiotics bad, then?
not necessarily…you just have to understand how antibiotics work
The tricky part of antibiotics — wipes away everything!
 – you can still take the antibiotic if you want to, but get you a good coochie-specific probiotic to help

how to maintain the vagina (before meds/supplements!)
• 1. lots of water (not that holly water … but for real water)
• 2. fresh fruits and vegetables (alkaline diet…keeps an acidic coochie)
• 3. let your coochie breathe! take off them thongs, g-strings, panties (and if you wear panties, wear 100% cotton panties)
i know y’all want all that silk and satin and lace….but hunni….
• 4. kombucha – probiotics, live strains, beneficial for the vagina, get used to the taste
• 5. soaps, fragrances, vickies, pink, bath & body works…even dove! STOP USING THESE!
dont put all dat shit on ya magic girl….
get pure castile soap, hypo allergenic soap (like dr. bronner’s…many 1`)
• 6. salt baths
• 7. yoni steams
• 8. watch who you’re having sex with! be careful of tricky dickies! tricky coochies! dirty fingers and mouths too
people can throw off your pH balance too
so if you’re doing everything right (youre vegan, healthy lifestyle, nontoxic products, don’t wear panties) and your sexual partner is nasty….it’s them
this is more than soul ties…
• 9. and your pH!

• typically think of this for digestive health. And we’re not going to hate on the GI now, cos your gut health is important for the entire body! including your coochie health!
• but there are probiotic strains for your coochie! YES GIRL
• lactobacilli in general (acidophilus is one you might have heard before.
• Rhamnosus and Reuteri are coochie specific…but they also give love to their neighbors!
Lactobacillus rhamnosus (GR-1) and Lactobacillus reuteri (RC-14) are the worlds most documented probiotic strains for women’s health. They are able to make infective a range of bacteria and yeast in the vagina, WHILE being beneficial to the intestine and reducing the risk of bladder infections
there is extensive clinical documentation on these two probiotics that conclude that vaginal administration of Lactobacillus rhamnosus reduces the recurrence of bacterial vaginosis and stabilizes the vaginal ecosystem
It’s hitting all three tracts!
the coochie tract (genital tract).
the pee pee tract (urinary tract).
and the poo poo tract (intestinal/digestive tract).
Probiotics help your immune system, digestive system, coochie, urinary and digestive tracts — get you some probiotics NOW
(some good probiotics…)

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